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Coloring Calendar Published in Norway

Coloring Calendar Published in Norway

I have discovered a new line of illustration work that I enjoy immensely- coloring for adults!

Last year Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm asked me to illustrate a coloring calendar with 12 greeting cards for two of their book clubs, Energica and Hobbyklubben. It was published in the fall of 2016 and they sold 11.000 copies.

I have created colorful art calendars for Energica is previous years too, and it’s been some of my most enjoyable projects.

This time around, however, it was necessary to dive into a world of lineart filled with small, peculiar details. In the process, I discovered a new way of allowing the free flow of imagination. It was a kind of release from old drawing habits, and since then, I’ve explored this method quite a bit. There’s nothing like fresh, new versions of oneself.

Happy coloring to you!

Presentation on Energica website
Presentation on Hobbyklubben website
Energica membership magazine (on ISSUU)

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