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Creative Burst with Coloring Calendar 2019

Coloring calendar 2019. Coloring  by Jacquelyn Elliot.

It’s my pleasure to share some magnificent coloring artwork done by Jacquelyn Elliott of Shiga, Japan. She has been coloring in the Coloring Calendar 2019 that I illustrated, published in Germany for 2019 and in Norway in for 2018. Her meditative approach has yielded beautiful color combinations, and she even added her own details to the illustrations... details that I wish I had put there myself. 

In her own words:
“I have never been keen on coloring much, even as a child, but after coloring Cecilie’s calendar since January, I can easily say that I am enjoying the experience very much. Not only is it relaxing, I find myself, looking and thinking quite a bit, evaluating many things before I decide on a color to use, creating and balancing the elements as I go along.  More than coloring in solid areas, the joy for me is to blend colors and use gradation to create a 3D effect. Drawing in my own ideas, to give a traditional slant to her abstract designs is fun as well as giving my personal touch. I look forward to continuing during the months ahead!”

March coloring page from calendar. Coloring  by Jacquelyn Elliot. Jacquelyn tells me she would color a little bit every night before going to bed, taking the full month to complete each month’s illustration. I’m looking forward to seeing how she will use her creativity for the remaining nine months. 

Do you have artwork to share? Whether it’s from the calendar, line art you have downloaded in One Tree Art Club, or things you have learned in my tutorials, please drop me a line. I would love to see the result of your creativity. I am thinking to start a Facebook group where you can share your work. Please contact me and let me know your thoughts on this!

January coloring page from calendar. Coloring  by Jacquelyn Elliot.

If you happen to visit Japan, you can find Jacquelyn in the beautiful countryside of Shiga not far from Kyoto, where she runs Dew Drop Inn. You can enjoy a cozy stay with yoga, cycling, creative arts and more, not to mention Jacquelyn’s friendly welcome. 

You can purchase the Coloring Calendar 2019 on Amazon
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April coloring page from calendar. Coloring  by Jacquelyn Elliot.


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