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Why Meditation is Great for Creativity

Why Meditation is Great for Creativity

If you’re like most of us, you feel great when you find yourself rooted in a deep, creative flow. Whether you’re drawing, painting, writing or whatever it is that gets your creative juices going, it’s that same feeling of calm enjoyment. What if I told you that meditation makes it so much easier to experience that flow? And that doing creative activities makes it so much easier to meditate?

My personal experience

First, you should know that I’m writing from personal experience. I’ve meditated daily for a lifetime. It's my clear observation that when I engage in creative efforts, something shifts and I feel just right, as if all the little pieces in the machinery that makes up Me somehow slot into position. It doesn’t matter if it’s an activity I master well or something new. 

Harvesting creativity through meditation

Meditation is all about focusing on a positive, uplifting idea. The more you meditate, the deeper you are able to dive into unexplored corners of your own consciousness. You stray into levels of consciousness where creative ideas suddenly pop up and solutions to problems present themselves. The more we gain freedom from intrusive thoughts and are able to still the mind, the more we are able to dip into that ocean of creative ideas. Simple, everyday inner visuals and ideas that are useful. Sometimes even the big ideas. 

Staying focused

Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not about passion or sudden flashes of insights. It’s like everything else in life: To do well, we need to do a lot. If you want to get good at creative watercolor, do a lot of watercolors. If you want to get good at meditation, meditate daily. It's that simple.

The Muse

Some people believe creative ideas have a life of their own, and it’s up to us to catch them as they fly by. To me, creative ideas are part of an expanded level of consciousness, where we may even get help from invisible beings who are attracted to us and become energetically involved with our efforts. The ancient Greeks called these invisible helpers the Muse. Yogis call them luminous bodies. It may be that powerful creative forces interact with our creativity, whether we know it or not. Meditation certainly helps us connect.

A feedback loop

You will benefit immensely from meditation, making it so much easier to slip into a creative flow. And then, because of your creative flow, you are set to enjoy deeper meditation. A truly rewarding feedback loop.

You don’t have to be an expert meditator or an expert creator to have this positive experience. Making an effort is in itself the real magic bullet. Try it out!


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