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Easy Things to Draw & Paint - Watercolor Maple Leaf Tutorial

Maple leaf drawing and watercolor tutorial

Are you looking for easy drawing and painting projects to jump-start your creativity? Finding interesting, but simple things to draw and paint is easier said than done- I know that all too well. I’ve done my share of endless hours browsing online photos for inspiration. 

How to actually draw and paint your chosen subject is another challenge. 

A maple leaf is an easy shape to draw, and loads of fun to paint with watercolor. It’s an almost flat surface with a shape that invites freedom in terms of the outline. Autumn colors are easy to blend, and when you add some colored pencils too, you can create unexpected depth and texture. 

In this tutorial, I share simple techniques that will give you the tools you need to create your own beautiful autumn leaf.

To help you with this art project, I have prepared a free PDF with color swatches and reference photos for the maple leaf.  

My best wishes for your creative fun!

Easy drawing and watercolor painting of maple leaf. Video tutorial.
Watch the YouTube video tutorial

Download your free PDF here 

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