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Welcome to my New Home Accents Web Shop!

Welcome to my New Home Accents Web Shop!


My new webshop with home decor accessories is open- finally! It’s been a long journey. Taking off from creating decorative designs for department stores and retailers here in Japan, it was time to set up my own outlet. I hope you will find something for your own home or gifts for family and friends. Enjoy a 10% discount on your first order.

Many designs to add

My studio is full of designs waiting to be placed on useful home accessories, and at the same time, I keep creating new artwork. Transferring the artwork to a digital, production-friendly format is time-consuming. But one by one, flowers, birds, animals, and illustrated letters and words will find their way onto various home decor accessories. 

Smile! letter art coffee mug design by Cecilie Okada

15 different designs for coffee mugs. They come in two sizes; 11oz / $16.99 and 15oz / $19.99.
The mug in this picture is 15 oz. 


Upcoming blog posts

Watercolor tutorials have ended up on the back burner lately. As soon as I've found my bearings with this new shop, new tutorials will be back. In this new edition of the blog, I will share creativity-in-action posts as well as watercolor tutorials. By that, I mean the creative journey from idea to designs that end up on home accents in the shop. 

Blue circular fish design, flour sack tea towel. By Cecilie Okada

20 designs for flour sack tea towels. 100% cotton and super absorbent. $ 14.99 each.

More products coming

With time, more home accent products will be added, as well as T-shirts and items for kids. It’s great to use a service that employs a made-to-order model since I can offer any number of designs. But still, it takes time to make sure designs work on any given product and then to set it up in the shop. 

New look for the blog

If you are a frequent visitor to the blog, you will have noticed that it looks quite different. I have moved all existing blog posts to the blog function within Shopify, the e-commerce platform I use for the shop. That’s why the publication date is new for all the posts too. I couldn’t back-date them. 

Pillow cases

 13 designs for high quality indoor/outdoor pillowcases. $44.99

Your comments

Please send me your comments on the new shop. I would love to hear from you! If something is not working or confusing. Or suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to browse my new shop!

Christmas coffee mug

And then there's the little Christmas elk, BrynUlf,
who comes with 7 different designs for coffee mugs and flour sack tea towels. 

Have a great week :-)

Christmas mugs with Nordic elk