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Why Meditation Creates More Time Than it Takes

Why meditation creates more time than it takes

How many times have you told yourself that you want to meditate but you just can’t find the time? Your daily routine is already set, too many feels more stressful than relaxing to try to fit it in? The truth is, meditation actually creates more time than it takes and in this article, I’ll explain why.

Meditation is a tool for relaxation but it is also so much more. Among other things, it’s a way to get in touch with your innermost feelings, those that lie simmering underneath the surface, that express themselves in life’s turmoil in ways that you often fail to understand. Emotions that drag you into conflict with yourself, with the person that you so much want to be but who you stubbornly resist to become.  

But the good news is: Through our sustained efforts to focus on positivity during meditation, we gradually transform our mind to become a repository for positive, life-affirming attitudes, creativity, and an explorer or blissful states of consciousness. We spend more and more time being productive and positive, and less and less time on that which drags us down. How's that for a time saver? (The article continues under the picture).

 Why meditation creates more time than it takes


How meditation really works

Think of your mind as an ocean full of waves. Thought-waves. In your effort to still these waves in meditation, you will see more and more of what lies underneath in the depth of the ocean. Emotions and negative patterns are floating in the shallow depths. The deeper you go, the more beauty you will find. Eventually, you will find inner treasures so magnificent that nothing in the external world can ever compare. This sense of contact with a deeper, beautiful Self is at the root of lasting, inner peace. 

Yes, meditation is a time-saving device 

Most human beings waste an inordinate amount of time in conflict with self, others, or life itself. With a sustained daily effort, meditation will give you a sense of inner peace and purpose that you could otherwise only dream of. You will be more relaxed and build resilience to tackle life's challenges with an inner calm and strength, gaining the ability to face up to that which holds you back and muddies the waters. You will get to know the person you truly are including your best traits, strengths, and purpose in life. 

There are many kinds of effective meditation practices on offer these days. I’m not familiar with most of them except that I know meditation, no matter what kind, has a wonderfully positive effect on people’s lives. Personally, I meditate with mantra and visualization.

Happy meditating!

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