How to Draw Flowers Step by Step

“How to Draw Flowers Step by Step.
46 easy designs”

Spark your creativity with simple line art!

The book has 70+ amazing reviews on Amazon!
Available as both paperback and eBook.

Do you struggle to figure out the difference between petals and shadows on a flower? How about distortions by perspective. And oh, the leaves. Build your drawing skills with the simple flower designs in this book. Unlock your creative potential. You will get closer to your confident artist-self than you ever thought possible.

  • A precise, step-by-step process takes the strain out of decoding flowers.
  • Get a handle on essential shapes, and lay the foundation for drawing any flower later on.
  • The 46 flower designs are beautiful, yet without confusing details.
  • Unleash your creativity with each flower design. Make it your own.
  • The simple line art keeps you focused on shapes, not shading.
  • Trace your best drawings and use them in art and craft projects such as painting, coloring, journaling, and even embroidery.
  • Treat this as an exercise book. Pencil drawing will allow for mistakes. The more you practice, the closer you are to mastery.
  • 8,5″ x 11″, 110 pages.

Reviews from the One Tree Art Club community:

“…Her online tutorials are heaven for me. Not a virtuoso of drawing, I enjoy transferring/printing her free templates to then color. I feel I have advanced a lot in watercolor with them.
When I learned she was publishing a book on flower drawing, I wanted to explore it. Freedom in design is what best describes the 46 flower designs
As she playfully states, “Not anywhere near realistic drawing. “
I chose six, and sort of tried to reproduce them. They came out in my personal style!
Then I became creative-did some on two colors, some on two values… The point is that since these flowers are whimsical, I have no fear of not doing it right…
What a wise way to teach to experiment with color!
Only one who is really a designer would have figured this out!
And, furthermore, being line drawings, I think they would be great for crafts. For painted placemats, to embroidered cushions, to painted glass, these designs are beautiful, unusual. and easy to use
I highly recommend this well-organized, clear, and simple method/book to encourage creativity.

Elizabeth Scalley Torres
Retired college professor
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Inspired creativity!
Imagine yourself finally having some quiet ‘me’ time in your favourite place for creating…no stress, your favourite music playing…and Cecilie Okada’s book to guide and inspire you!
This book is the perfect way to create. Each flower is drawn out for you, step by step. It’s much more relaxing than trying to follow a video and having to stop and start it to match your pace.
I like that each drawing is named after the flower that inspired it. I especially liked the flowers that I could recognize.
Paint, relax, create beauty!

Patty Kreklau,

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