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Relax with 2019 Coloring Calendar

Coloring Calendar 2019, germany

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Coloring is great for relaxation and creative fun. My best selling coloring calendar 2017 that sold 11.000 copies in Norway, is now available as a German 2019 calendar on Amazon.
Since it’s a calendar where words are scarce, you can enjoy these coloring pages regardless of your own language. 
 “Ausmalkalender 2019. Mal Dir Dein Jahr bunt!”
(“Coloring Calendar 2019. Paint your Year Colorful!) The illustrations are all about Norwegian nature, with plants and animals that are associated with each month and seasons. Illustrated, creative hand lettering decorate the name for each month.

Just for your information 🙂 –  German is almost identical to English when it comes to month names: 
Januar, Februar, März, April, Juni, Juli, August, September, Oktober, November, Dezember

The calendar is printed on heavy, high-quality 250g paper. You can use any coloring tool to great satisfaction; colored pencils, markers or watercolors all work well. 

Being a Norwegian living in Japan, my illustrations for this calendar were inspired by the non-symmetrical, curving lines you find in Japanese art and design — and a deep, abiding love of Norwegian nature.

So- how about a 2019 calendar with your own, beautiful coloring experiments hanging on the kitchen wall?

Get the coloring calendar 2019 here on

Happy coloring!

Download a free sample illustration here

Coloring Calendar sample illustration 2
Coloring Calendar sample illustration 3

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