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Published illustrations & decorative design

This gallery has illustrations and designs for client projects. The gallery contains a small selection from a large body of work.
The illustration clients are publishers. The patterns and designs are for companies that produce consumer goods.

Illustration techniques

The rendering technique and style depends on the topic and intended audience for the artwork. All the hand-drawn illustrations are a combination of watercolor and colored pencils. Some of the artwork looks flat, and that’s because it was drawn digitally.

You can read more about my background here.
Published books, art calendars, wisdom cards, and some of my clients are listed below the gallery.

Books, art calendars, and wisdom cards

The following is a list of publications I have illustrated.

“Ausmalkalender 2019. Mal Dir Dein Jahr bunt!”
(“Coloring Calendar 2019. Paint your Year Colorful!).
Kuhlman & Sobek, Germany.

“Fargelegg ditt år! Kalender 2017” and “Fargelegg!” (Color Your Year!), coloring calendar and greeting cards.
Cappelen Damm/ Energica/ Hobbyklubben. Norway. 
11.000 copies sold.

“Hellige landskap 2011” (Sacred Landscapes), art calendar.
Cappelen Damm/ Energica, Norway.
7000 copies sold.

“Mayakalender 2010″ & “Mayakalender 2011”, art calendar.
Cappelen Damm/ Energica, Norway.
Forma Books/ Livsenergi, Sweden. 
21.000 copies sold.

“Gjemt men ikke glemt”, text book.
Cappelen Damm Undervisning, Norway.

“Leselyst på ditt og mitt språk”, traditional Norwegian fairy tales, translated into 12 languages for learning Norwegian.
Famileforlaget, Norway.

“Det hemmelige eventyret”, modern fairy tale
Manus Forlag, Norway.

“Messages from the Wee Folk”, book with wisdom cards
Windpferd Verlag, Germany.
AGM Müller, Switzerland.

“Møt Amina” 1 – 2, text books
Fagbokforlaget, Norway.

“Cumulus” 1 – 4, text books
Aschehoug Forlag, Norway.

“New Flight” & “New Flight Extra”, 1 – 12. Text book series with workbooks.
Cappelen Damm Undervisning, Norway. 

“Teen-Angels”, wisdom cards
Findhorn Press, UK. 
Author: Diana Cooper, international bestselling author

“Skrinet med det rare i”, traditional Norwegian fairy tales
Damm, Norway.

“Wisdom of the Four Winds”, book with wisdom cards
Stone Print Press. New Zealand.
Author: Barry Brailsford, bestselling author
Kamasha Verlag, Germany.
Kuhlman & Sobek, Germany.
Now a classic with several reprints since first published in 1999. 

Some of my clients

The following is a list of selected clients, including publishers. 

AEON, Japan. Asia’s largest retailer. Pattern design for product line of 9 types of bags, two umbrellas and set with apron and potholders. Cecilie O branding.

Aqua Yokohama, Japan. Nationwide gift shop retailer. Range of products with decorative illustrations. Cecilie O branding.

Arco Design/ Arco Store, Japan. Importer of Scandinavian gift and furnishing brands. Porcelain design as part of assortment by Scandinavian Pattern Collection. Fabric and stationary. Cecilie O branding.

Nakajima Corporation, Japan. Plush toy and retailing company, primary Sanrio/ Hello Kitty partner. Illustration and pattern design for the popular character Pickles the Frog; various products. Cecilie O branding.

Chi Mei Museum, Taiwan. Asia’s largest collection of Western Art. Pattern design for gift shop items. Sumito Corporation, Japan. Online flower shop. Card designs. Cecilie O branding.

Høie of Scandinavia, Norway. Household name in Norway since 1850. Pattern design for bed linens and blankets.

Cappelen Damm, Norway’s biggest publisher, since 1829. Illustration for several books, art calendars, art prints and greeting cards. Graphic design.

Aschehoug, Norway. Major publisher in Norway, since 1872. Illustration for book series.

Forma Books, Sweden. Publishing conglomerate. Art calendar, art prints.

Oslo Universitetssykehus, Norway. Joint project between Scandinavia’s largest hospital and the Norwegian Ministry of Health. Illustration and design for brochures.

Gilde, Norway. Major Norwegian food brand. Illustration and design, packaging.

Aktiv Trening, Norway. Fitness centre chain. Web design.

Windpferd Verlag, Germany. Book Publisher. Illustration and design for book with wisdom cards.

AGM Müller, Switzerland. Publisher. Illustration and design for book with wisdom cards.

Findhorn Press, UK. Publisher. Illustration and design for set with wisdom cards.

Nordian, Norway. International air traffic pilot training. Cover and book design of 15 books, technical illustration, project management, logo. Design still in use since 2003 and several new editions with yearly updates. 

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