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This website is dedicated to your creative journey. Enjoy free watercolor tutorials and a library of free line art. We have also made it easy to find the right colors for your painting. Upload your reference photo and generate a color palette from image with our free tool. It is made specifically for artists.

One Tree Art Club

One Tree Art Club

Most of my free tutorials come with free line art that you can download and trace. Focus on learning to watercolor and drawing with colored pencils. Access the free library when you sign up for my newsletter. (If you are already a member, check my newsletter for entry info). 

Join the One Tree Art Club Facebook group to share, showcase, and communicate with fellow artists. A friendly, supportive group. 

Manual color picker from image

Color palette from image: Manual color picker

Using a photograph as a reference for your painting is all well and good. But finding the right color palette is not that easy. Upload your photo to this simple tool. All you need to do is click on the photo to select your colors. This tool is excellent for coloring and other creative projects as well. 
Go to the manual color picker.

Automatic color picker from image

Extract color palette from image: Automatic color picker

The automatic color picker selects the colors for you. The app calculates the colors in order of dominance. It may be spot-on, and you don’t need to pick colors manually. For other images, it will miss out on colors that cover small areas. In those cases, use the manual color picker. 
Go to the automatic color picker.

One-stop sketching ideas

Don’t scratch your head for sketching ideas; use our tool. The app makes it simple with the list of sub-categories for each theme (i.e. “Flora”). Only a few images load at a time. Draw those and don’t dither. Stay focused and get your pencils and paint out. Each photo can load in the color pickers, too. 

Go to the Ideas tool with images from Flickr
or from Unsplash.

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