Beginner Sketching Ideas from Nature

Beginner Sketching Ideas from Nature

xGet beginner sketching ideas, learn how to discover more, and never run out of things to draw. Take your artwork to the next level.

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If you are looking to improve your artistic skills by tenfolds, do regular sketching. But too often, a boring, gnawing question stands in the way: What to draw today? Where can I find beginner sketching ideas? In this article, I am going to help you out.

Let me clarify one thing first. Don’t count on drawing simple shapes like bananas, leaves, or mugs every day. If you do, your efforts will quickly come to a halt. There simply aren’t enough shapes to go around. Instead, draw any single item. It can be an animal, a plant, a car, anything. This way, you avoid environments with the complexities of light, shadow, and composition. Drawing one single thing at a time is the easiest way to do sketching.

Another way to quickly give up on daily sketching is to search for outstanding photos to draw. Draw what you find first, not a perfect image. Sketching is a snapshot. It is about speed, practice, and NOT caring for the result.

Sketching is your number one tool for becoming a good artist. There are no shortcuts. You will reap the rewards of your sketching habit when you create finished artwork. 

Beginner sketching ideas- why from nature? 

Nature offers an unrivaled catalog of things to draw. You are never going to run out of ideas.

Here are a few examples of sketching ideas from nature. When you subscribe to my newsletter, I will keep you posted on new ideas. 

Get more insight into the sketching process from this article: 5 Quick Tips For Keeping a Daily Sketchbook

Join our Sketching Challenge!

I invite you to take up the challenge of daily sketching and posting your drawings in our private One Tree Art Club Facebook group. To join, subscribe to my newsletter. As a subscriber, you get access to the free One Tree Art Club library. It has a big collection of outlines that you can download and trace for my watercolor tutorials.

How the drawing ideas are selected

The sketching ideas are guided by what I enjoy drawing. I hope you will take the same approach with your sketching habit. 

On this website, we have a tool where you can search for more ideas.  It includes an art palette generator as well.

Allow some of your sketches to inspire a watercolor. Or perhaps the reference photo will inspire a painting. Either way, expanding from a pencil sketch to a beautiful painting is rewarding. And again, don’t get caught up in judging your work. Move on to the next painting.

If you want to learn how to draw flowers, I think you will find my book “How to Draw Flowers Stp by Step. 46 easy designs” helpful. Sketching tips are included in the book, as well as in the companion sketchbooks that have just been published on Amazon.

Happy sketching!

Some Sketching Ideas

You can download a PDF with the reference photo for the first five sketches in the free One Tree Art Club library.

Idea # 1: Seahorse

Seahorse sketch

Idea # 2: Turtle

Turtle sketch
Download free line art & more

Idea # 3: Surgeon Fish

Surgeon fish sketch

Idea # 4: Puffin

Puffin sketch

Idea # 5: Oystercatcher Bird

Oystercatcher bird sketch

Idea #6: Hippo

Idea # 7: Tree frog

Idea # 8: Flaminco

Idea # 9: Bullfrog

Idea # 10: Pelican

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