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Swan Watercolor With Illuminated Letters

Swan With Creative Hand Lettering

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Recording my first art videos, I was starting from zero. How to position the camera? What kind of light do I need? Where should I sit so that my head is not bobbing into the screen view? How can I work without my nose in the picture…Well, with trial and error, it finally worked out. And with a little help from my friend, my hubby.

The video in this blog post, where I’m painting a swan and experimenting with creative hand lettering, was one of my first recording attempts. It took a ton of editing, so it helped me learn how to use the video editing software. I hope you enjoy it- it’s a short time-lapse.

I love swans for their grace and beauty. In yoga philosophy, the swan is a symbol of spiritual purity. As a lifelong meditator I love transcendent beauty, and that’s what I was trying to express.

Time lapse watercolor video, including gold paint. Swan with creative lettering.

In this time-lapse video, I show you the process of painting a watercolor base, then adding gouache, watercolor gold paint, and colored pencils.

Inspiration from illuminated manuscripts

I’m inspired by illuminated, medieval manuscripts. Illuminated means gilded, or painted with gold, but any ancient, ornamented, handwritten manuscript is generally called an illuminated manuscript. This is my first play with creative, gold-painted letters. Not real gold paint yet, but imitation gold powder that I mixed with Gum Arabic to make it stick to the paper. Learning to use real gold leaf paint is on my shortlist.

After viewing the swan video, please check out my first watercolor tutorial: “Easy Things to Draw & Paint with Watercolor: Maple Leaf Tutorial”. The aim of my videos is to teach you how to draw and to paint with watercolor building depth and texture by adding colored pencils. And sometimes adding gouache and gold paint too.

Thanks for watching, and best wishes for your creativity!

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