Finding Comfort with Watercolor and Hand Lettering

Mindfulness with watercolor! Learn how to play with colors and creative hand lettering. Video tutorial and free printables.

Yes, watercolor and hand lettering can bring a lot of comfort when you need to just relax and get out of your head! Watching colors swirls in a pool of water on your page is soothing. As you dive deeper into the creative experience, you will easily find yourself in a mindful space where worries fade into the background and beauty takes over all your attention. 

But wait a minute- the birds in this tutorial are not into painting, they’re just finding comfort in each other. I think they are talking about something personal and important and it’s definitely a happy couple ( I heard a whisper….). Who said birds aren’t like us!

Since I’m working my way through the alphabet with these hand lettering blog posts and tutorials, I’m on to letter C here with Comfort. The process of creating this kind of artwork is quite a lot of fun. For me, the method was once a treasured discovery. 




Here’s how it happened: After illustrating an intricate coloring calendar for a Norwegian publisher (now published in Germany too!), I discovered the joy of drawing words within illustrations. It’s a kind of doodling, a play, where I don’t try to write in any particular or beautiful font. Rather, I let words shape themselves alongside the shapes of the illustration. There is something uniquely satisfying about playing with words in this way. Drawing the first word that comes to mind and let it sneak into the illustration. In this case, I decided it had to start with C, that’s all.

In the video tutorial that I created for this blog post, you can follow the process from the first pencil drawing to the finished artwork where I paint with watercolor, decorate with gouache and spice up the background with colored pencils. You will learn how to mix and use colors, which is not always an easy thing to do.

Because I would like to share the joyful experience of mindfulness with easy watercolor painting, I have prepared a free PDF that you can download and print out. It has the line illustration as well as swatches with the colors that I used. As if that wasn’t enough- I’m in full sharing mode here :-) - a practice sheet for doodling the word COMFORT yourself, first by writing on top of multiple versions of the word, and then, if you are feeling adventurous, create your own. 

And yes, you can print out on watercolor paper. The easiest way is to use light/thin watercolor paper. I use 90g smooth, hot pressed paper from Arches. It comes in large sheets that I cut into several A4 sized sheets. You can buy A4create size pads too with thin watercolor paper

When you print out, just make sure your printer has water fast ink if it’s an inkjet. Mine is a regular black-and-white laser printer. Toner in laser printers is also water fast.

So - have fun, dive into a mindful, creative space and relax!

Free download Printables Cecilie Okada

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Free printable line illustration with color guide and creative hand lettering practice sheet- click to download. Enjoy mindfulness with watercolor painting these lovebirds. Video tutorial! Find comfort with watercolor and hand lettering. #watercolorarts #watercolour #watercolor #handlettering #letteringart #arttherapy #mindfulness

Click for free printable line illustration with color guide and creative hand lettering practice sheet. Can you read the word in the illustration? Find comfort with watercolor and hand lettering, enjoy mindfulness through art. #watercolorarts #watercolour #watercolor #handlettering #letteringart #arttherapy #mindfulness

Click to get this free printable line illustration with color guide and creative hand lettering practice sheet. Watch video tutorial, taking you through watercolor background all the way to completed artwork. Find comfort with watercolor and hand lettering.  #watercolorarts #watercolour #watercolor #handlettering #letteringart #arttherapy #mindfulness
Click to download free printable line illustration with creative hand lettering practice sheet! Mindfulness with watercolor, find comfort with watercolor and hand lettering. Set a few moments aside and enjoy creative flow. #watercolorarts #watercolour #watercolor #handlettering #letteringart #arttherapy #mindfulness