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Whimsical Letter E Illustration for Your Journal

Journal Idea with Hand Lettering

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Are you looking for some fresh new journal ideas? Whether you are just discovering this excellent tool for self-exploration or you’re a veteran, here’s an easy way to delve into some creative journaling. Journaling with a creative twist is also great for relaxation. 

In spite of being an avid journal writer myself, only recently it dawned on me how much fun it would be to use illustrated letter alphabet as prompts for journal entries. And so can you.  Here’s a free download of this E-illustration that you can cut and paste into your journal, as well as a practice sheet for the letter E.

The prompt I have created for the letter E is: “What am I EAGER to do? Is it aligned with my goals? Yes or no and why?”

Before you start to write, get your watercolors, colored pencils or markers out to color in the letter E illustration. And yes, you can paint with watercolor inside your journal if you use water sparingly. The glue you use to paste the illustration will also give some protection from bleedthrough. 

Practice the letter E so that you can create your own version of the capital E for Eager. 

Download free line art & more

Below is an image of the illustrated letter I drew first with a pencil, then traced with a fine liner pen. The fine-liner is the version you can download. You can see how I used the original hand-lettered E to inspire the illustration in the images below. (The blog post continues underneath the images with an exploration of the journal prompt).

Pencil drawing of the letter E with a cute creature
Drawing the outline on tracing paper with a fine liner

To learn an easy process of how to paint with watercolor for relaxation, as well as finding a color scheme, visit this blog post: How to Relax and Play with Watercolor

Journal Prompt: “What am I EAGER to do?”

Here’ the thing. Many times we set goals for ourselves that are not quite right, that are not realistic, or simply don’t align with who we truly are. What we really want to do may have nothing to do with the goals we have set. Or the thing we want to do the most is a complete diversion from an important goal. 

That’s why the next two questions: “Is it aligned with my goals? Yes or no and why” Take a deep breath and examine your goals, whether mundane or of overarching importance. Do a free-flow writing sequence. You may be surprised at where you arrive. Perhaps you find a healthier, new direction for yourself. Or you find that you’re right on cue. If the latter is the case, you’re a champion. 

Happy journaling!

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