How to Effortlessly Create Easy Doodle Art

How to Effortlessly Create Easy Doodle Art 

The difference between sketching and doodle art is significant. When you are sketching, your drawing has a purpose. Perhaps you are practicing drawing skills, testing new techniques, or planning a picture. Doodle art is for fun and relaxation. But it is also great for advancing your drawing skills. 

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Doodle sessions on the run

I have an enduring ambition to draw daily. The truth is, I sometimes find myself too busy with other things. To close the gaps, I started doodling. No matter how tired I am or scrapped for time, I can always squeeze in some doodles. 

Craft paper and a white gel pen are excellent for doodling. Or a black fine liner pen on white paper. If you use a pen, there is no chance to erase it. That is important. Dooling is not about pretty, cool, or perfect art. It is a way to let your hand play and have fun. 

Doodling releases tension in your hand. It loosens up your linework. Without effort, your hand gets into the flow of drawing. That is worth gold for your drawing ability. 

Doodling the front cover of my sketchbook.
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I started doodling the cover of my sketchbook. Incidentally, I created a cover for a Japanese company for this same kind of sketchbook some years ago.

Doodling to prepare for an art project

The other reason for doodling is to jumpstart an art project. Sometimes, my hand refuses to cooperate and produces lousy artwork. Instead of risking such a sorry state of affairs, I often doodle from the outset. First doodling, then sketching. I don’t stop until I produce something of value. Then, and only then, I am ready for the actual art project. This progression hardly ever fails. But it requires patience. I challenge you to try it. 

I started doodling the back cover of my sketchbook too.
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When done with the front cover, I continued on the back.

What to draw when you doodle?

If you can’t think of what to draw, you are not alone. Do you know how many Google searches there are for the term ”what to draw” every month? 60,500 in the US alone.

My question to you is, what do you enjoy drawing? My favorites are flowers, plants, birds, fish, and swirls. It has got to be a simple version of either of these for doodling. I fill the gaps between the objects with dots, short lines, circles, triangles, and squares. Somehow, it is super relaxing to fill in the gaps, even more than doodling the objects.

The sketchbook covered in doodle art.
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No more space left for doodling.

Sample doodle topics

Let’s say you enjoy drawing leaves. Make a Google search for “leaf shapes”. Open the first image that attracts you, and stay with it. Being selective is not going to help you. Speed is of the essence to not lose yourself in the too-many-choices-nightmare. Doodle a few that you see in the Google Image tab. 

Leaf shapes are easy doodle objects.
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Leaf doodles are easy to do. Lots of interesting shapes.

Then, stop looking at the pictures of leaves. Draw the leaves that your hand dictates. That is true dooling. Along the way, more shapes will materialize. The key to the fun is to let go. Do not worry about the outcome. Allow it to become the ugliest drawing ever. 

This blog is all about nature. But let’s not stop at mother nature here. How about shoes? Do a Google search for “shoe shapes”. You see what I am driving at. Simple shapes of any object are excellent inspirations for doodle art. 

Ask yourself: What do I want to draw today? The first word that drops into your head is what you should search on google. 

Try “shell shapes”. “House shapes”. Any subject + shapes! 

Have fun!

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