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Discover How to Watercolor Clouds

Discover How to Watercolor Clouds

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Would you like to learn a shortcut to painting watercolor clouds? You can create cumulus clouds with both volume and airy beauty by combining watercolor with white gouache and colored pencils.

This is an easy technique where you don’t have to struggle with blue paint around unpainted blotches of white paper. Instead, you can splash out with color and still create beautiful cloud shapes.

In this tutorial, I take you through each step of building clouds with volume using watercolor, white gouache, blue, and light purple colored pencils, as well as a greasy white colored pencil. I use the combination of these tools in most of my illustration work, and if you take a peek at my illustration gallery, you can see many examples of how I use it to create a realistic look.

The cloud tutorial

The photo below of cumulus clouds is a good reference. There is no need to try to replicate these exact clouds; they only serve as a guide to our painting.

Photo with Cumulus clouds

Step 1:
Paint some green, yellow and terracotta to indicate a landscape at the bottom of the paper. Soak up most of the color with a sponge. When dry, paint the rest of the paper with lots of plain water using a thick brush.

Watercolor wash with some basic green and brown

Step 2:
Still using a thick brush, spread out ultramarine blue by moving the brush in circular motions. 

Adding blue watercolor with loads of water

Step 3:
Indicate the shapes of the clouds by soaking up blue color with a sponge.

Blotting out white clouds with a watercolor sponge

Step 4:
When half dry, paint with white gouache on top of the cloud shapes.

Painting the white areas with white gouache
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Step 5:
Add water to the edges to avoid sharp outlines.

Diluting the edges of the white gouache clouds with water

Step 6:
When dry, draw with a light purple pencil around the edges of the clouds and anywhere on top of them to create volume. 

Drawing volume into the clouds with colored pencil

Step 7:
Smudge the areas of colored pencil with tissue paper.

Smearing the colored pencil with tissue paper

Step 8:
Paint the clouds with a second layer of white gouache, again adding water to the edges, soaking up with a sponge. 

Building more volume into the clouds by adding a second layer of gouache
loosening the edges with water
Using a sponge to soften edges

Step 9:
The edges around the painting look messy by now, so in order to see the picture clearly, clean up the edges by painting with white gouache on top of the white watercolor tape. If your painting sits within a pencil rectangle, paint with white gouache along the pencil border.

Cleaning up the edges of the paper with white gouache to see the composition clearly

Step 10:
When the paper is dry, draw with a bright blue pencil on and around the clouds, creating more volume in the clouds.

Second layer with colored pencil

Smudge again with tissue paper.

Smudging edges with tissue paper

Step 12
Use a hairdryer to make the paper warm, then draw with a greasy white colored pencil. When the paper is warm, the oily white color spreads out better. Look at the reference photo and use your imagination to enhance the cloudy look of your painting with the white pencil.

Increasing contrast with a greasy white pencil
Drawing more details with a greasy white pencil

And that’s it!

I used this same technique to create the white area around the falcon in the illustration you see below. In this instance, instead of building cloud volume, I created a soft and smooth transition between the blue and white with the same white gouache and greasy white colored pencil.

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